I know I should write something telling and profound about me and/or this blog but it will have to wait its turn in matters of importance. Enjoy the blog for what it is. There are no ulterior motives behind it. Although I am a proponent of technology, especially the Net, it is more often an extravagance of a certain level of affluence despite its democratizing potential for those fortunate enough to have access to it.  For the Net, universal access is the democratic equivalent of universal suffrage.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Good morning my brother,
    I was just browsing your site and found it to be facsinating. I read the piece on grandmom and grandpop
    and was hoping to see some comments. Interestingly
    enough the Saturday’s Sunbeam had a story on Italian
    roots in Pennsgrove. Maybe you should attach that to
    the site and possibly stir some comments in the people
    who are visiting this pretty cool site.

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